Take your digital marketing to the next level

We bring together your digital marketing with CRM and deep personalisation to engage and convert more customers across more channels.

With the growing number of digital channels, it is essential that marketeers can reach and interact with customers across the platforms that they prefer.

From your website, social media, landing pages and email marketing campaigns; to provide a consistent customer experience, it is essential that your business has coordinated both its message and its data.

A transformation in digital marketing

The latest generation of marketing platforms bring together core web content management (CMS), customer experience management (CEM), marketing automation and CRM integration. This allows companies to build an intelligence of their customers' behaviours and interests which far exceeds anything seen in the past.

This makes the promise of personalised marketing communications and customer experiences which anticipate needs, now a reality. Making the right technology decisions and integrating your data is essential.

A connected customer experience

From web enquiries to customer history, and past conversations with sales representatives, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems gather customer data at every interaction. Leveraging this data is a key element in building highly effective marketing campaigns with a personalised website experience.

Once data is integrated across all channels, new marketing opportunities exist. Email marketing lists can be more targeted, and emails customised to only include relevant information. Businesses can also use information to create follow-up opportunities. For example, a customer looking for information on a website, but who doesn't make a purchase may get a follow-up from the call centre.

For example, Victrex plc have a complex product offering with multiple audiences in multiple industries. With deep integration between Dynamics CRM and the Sitecore website platform, they are now able to combine CRM data with individual visitor behaviour profiled via the web platform, and deliver targeted messaging to each individual across all marketing channels.

The resulting platform has enabled Victrex to build a much clearer understanding of their visitors’ interests, generate higher quality leads, and to strengthen relationships with existing customers.

How to succeed

Start with the right platform

Technology platform decisions have often been made in silos. Bridging marketing and technology, we’ll review your existing platforms and advise where improvements could be made to better leverage what you already have, or recommend entirely new platforms that meet your long-term business and marketing objectives.

We guide you gently through the process, bringing together your marketing, communications and IT teams, along with existing external partners, to ensure your short-term and long-term aims are fulfilled, as well as educate and offer additional ideas and benefits that you may not yet have thought of.

Understand user behaviour

Start by writing simple user personas that segment your visitors into a small number of logical groups. Then establish solid analytics, using Google Analytics or similar tools with attribution and segmentation, to understand what content / products are doing well for each of these groups.

Look at mobile, tablet and desktop user behaviours as these will be different. Also consider traffic source. Users coming from social media will behave very differently to those coming via organic search. Finally, verify user behaviour using heatmaps to ensure you understand how different groups of users are interacting with each page and where improvements can be made.

Design customer journeys – with and without campaigns

Start by designing your customer journeys. What content do you want to promote and when. What steps can users take. Will users move between different engagement plans

Connect your CRM

By integrating a CRM such as Dynamics, it becomes possible to seamlessly link web content with CRM data - such as customer enquires and trade shows.

A single view of customer data (including segments) shared between CMS and CRM. CRM segmentation allows you to re-engage potential customers through drip feed marketing campaigns, and understand exactly which parts of their marketing strat is working

Personalised, intelligent & relevant

Understand where the visitor is in the buying cycle, and deliver one to one conversations across multiple touch points

Multiple channel personalisation

Multiple channel personalisation "means" a clear and consistent message for customers each with diverse needs, and each at different steps of the buying cycle.


KPIs are linked to customer lifecycle

Focus areas

  • Link offline and online data with a single view of the customer shared throughout
  • Able to correctly identify “personas” based on visitor behaviour
  • Deliver relevant content based on individual needs
  • Able to provide “one on one conversations”
  • MVT testing and Analytics integrated into the organisation
  • Analytics at the heart of the organisation to sharpen every element (UX, social, content etc.)

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