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What we do

We help the world's leading companies build and scale through ai, innovation, technology, and customer experience

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We help visionary leaders build incredible businesses through innovation, technology and customer experience.

Our approach

Digital transformation taking too long?

In a world where customer expectations and marketplaces evolve faster than ever, standing still is not an option. New entrants, innovative products, emerging opportunities, and looming threats are the new normal. Your competitors aren't just moving; they're sprinting.

There is a better way

At Graph, we believe that true business transformation only happens when you build a better understanding of what customers want, when you experiment, validate, and learn at lightning speed with design sprints and growth sprints, and when you build robust a technology and data foundation that supports your journey.

We'll help you build a team of change-makers across key business functions; to design, validate, and deploy digital solutions at an unprecedented pace.


Who we serve

Executives and Business Leaders who are seeking to strengthen their competitive position, accelerate digitalization and create innovative digital-first business models

Marketing Leaders who need clarity around their acquisition funnel, the best tactics to improve customer experience, and strategies to drive revenue growth - understanding who their best customers are, how to reach them, and how to retain them

Technology Leaders who are looking to drive technology transformation on Azure, and to capitalize on the potential of data, AI, and automation

Entrepreneurs and VC's looking to build and scale category-defining digital businesses from scratch and to accelerate growth without messing up



We partner with visionary leaders in specific industries, providing focused expertise that fuels your digital transformation journey.

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  • Media & Entertainment
  • Finance
  • Insurance
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