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Why transform the customer experience

70% of the customer journey now takes place online.

In a digital buying journey, businesses have the advantage of reaching customers earlier in their decision-making process.

Customer behaviour has changed forever. More than 70% of the buying journey now takes place online and business-to-business buyers are more than halfway through the buying journey before they contact a salesperson.

Many businesses are struggling to engage prospects in the right way to deliver the kind of experience customers want.

The results are all too typical. Poor customer experiences, overstretched sales teams and slower growth as your competitors breeze past you.

  • Customers don't understand the solutions you provide.
  • Customers can't find information on your website and many give up.
  • Your website should be helping you build a better buyer but it's no longer fit for purpose.
  • Sales teams are frustrated with poor quality leads.
  • And frustrated customers are turning to competitors, because their experience is better.

Graph is a customer experience agency helping business leaders and marketing teams deliver an exceptional end-to-end digital journey.

Our Experience Blueprint provides you with a complete understanding of your customers' needs, their experience, the information critical to each step, the opportunities to exceed customer expectations and the technology platforms best for delivering this.

How to get results

The Experience Transformation Playbook

The Experience Transformation Playbook provides business leaders and marketing teams with the clarity, knowledge, and steps to deliver a better end-to-end customer experience.

Experience Design

Ensure a better experience through information architecture, design sprints, user testing and content and messaging.

Experience Platforms

Build a stronger experience foundation through integrated experience management, CMS and customer data platforms.

Composable Capabilities

Build new reusable capabilities, such as language understanding, to drive a seamless experience across channels.

Optimise & Learn

Grow your team's skills so you can rapidly test, validate and scale your marketing efforts.

Customer Experience Case Studies

How Sassoon created a new revenue stream in under six weeks

How global leader Victrex transformed the customer experience

Frequently asked questions

1. Why is customer experience so important?

2. How to build a customer experience strategy?

Insights and guides for great B2B customer experience

The Complete Guide to Customer Journey Mapping

Customer journey mapping is a way to better understand your customers and key to delivering an exceptional digital experience. In this guide, we explain the essential stages, components, and best practices for creating effective customer journey maps in 2024.

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