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Graph partners with business leaders to ignite innovation, fortify competitive moats, and craft future-ready digital business models.

Innovation Strategy

The Power of Innovation in Your Customer’s Journey

Your customers don't just want innovation; they're demanding it. The business landscape? It's not what it was. It's a brutal truth: innovate or get bulldozed by new competitors clawing at your market share. Standing still is not an option.

Here at Graph, we're not just providing an innovation strategy but also a brass-knuckles, no-nonsense approach to grab opportunities, skyrocket your value, carve out new revenue streams, and construct a digital-first business model that's forged for both the now and the next.

We've helped leaders like AEG, Philips, Graham & Brown, London Live, Sassoon, and TP-ICAP create digital products that generate millions in annual revenue. A strictly ‘no-fluff' team, we ensure our clients conquer the jagged peaks of product innovation with ruthless precision.

It's more than a partnership; it's allegiance. Leverage our expertise and ride the storm with the cutting-edge capabilities of Microsoft Azure. With a potent mix of data, technology, and cold, hard business strategy, we're not offering a solution; we're forging pathways to customer-centric success and market leadership.

Innovation Workshops with Microsoft, New York
Innovation Workshops with Microsoft, New York

How we help

Our innovation solutions

In this disruptive world, you need a strategy that’s as bold as it is smart. That's where we come in. Partnering with business leaders to drive innovation, we redefine business models and spearhead change. Our services are game changers, taking you beyond what you thought was possible, empowering you to own your market.

Innovation Workshop

Jump into a workshop that’s less of a classroom and more of a launch pad. It’s where your digital ‘what ifs’ morph into a map of ‘here’s how’.

Innovation Sprints

Welcome to a no-fluff zone where analysis meets action. Together, we’ll sift through the market noise, craft design and technology blueprints, and give life to prototypes, moving you closer to that competitive edge.

Innovation as a Service

Picture a partnership that’s not about one-off plays, but one that's tailored for enduring success. It’s a realm of ongoing value creation, fresh technology insights, and crafting solutions that drive market leadership.

The Playbook

Your Blueprint for Innovation Success

With competing demands, boundless ideas, technology challenges and intricate complexity, delivering on the promise of innovation can often seem daunting. It needn’t be. Here’s an extract from our playbook for addressing common hurdles.

Responding to Disruption

Your market is evolving, shaped and reshaped by unanticipated competitors and unforeseen digital advances. As a leader, you're not only tasked with keeping pace but also leading innovation and customer experience enhancements. It's a challenging course, but we’re here to navigate together, safeguarding customer loyalty in an ever-shifting landscape with targeted strategies.

Idea Selection and Laser Focus

Amidst the chaos of endless ideas, choosing where to focus to realise tangible, lasting business value is daunting. Identifying the right initiatives feels like finding a needle in a haystack. But it's crucial for smooth sailing in a sea of options. Our methodology lights the way, guiding your innovation confidently along viable routes.

Conflicting Priorities

Navigating through digital innovation and transformation can be a daunting journey. Balancing day-to-day priorities while charting a course for innovation is a juggling act that every leader struggles with. It's not just about keeping pace but setting the pace, bringing digital products to market swiftly. Our tailored guidance helps you confidently carve out a path, ensuring you're leading the charge.

Overcoming Costs, Complexity and Risk

Embarking on digital innovation is seldom straightforward. The route is fraught with technological hurdles, cost management, and complex decision-making. We provide a map, illustrating efficient strategies and ensuring you maintain momentum towards your innovation and transformation goals. A great example of this is how we helped London Live go from a building site to a working television station in under six months.

Bridging Operational Gaps

Ensuring that your business is ready for the future demands a keen eye for potential operating gaps. Bringing the entire organization aboard for digital transitions and aligning operational needs with innovative initiatives is a complex journey. Together, we’ll construct bridges, ensuring a smooth journey through digital transitions while keeping operational and innovative objectives in harmony

Digital Innovation Case Studies

How Sassoon created a new revenue stream in under six weeks

How London Live built the digital platform to launch a new television station in just months

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