Business Process Transformation with Microsoft Dynamics and Power Apps

How Microsoft Dynamics and Power Apps deliver new capabilities for managing end-to-end business processes.

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Why a process-focused approach is better

By implementing platforms such as Microsoft Dynamics or Microsoft Power Apps, we are essentially delivering a new capability for end-to-end business processes.

There are many benefits of aligning the project delivery to your business processes

  • Business processes are well understood by stakeholders.

  • Processes are richer in context than a requirements list

  • Processes show the connections between different business units, roles, functions, task-level steps, and the integrations between systems. This helps with designing a more cohesive and integrated overall solution.

  • Helps to more easily and logically determine the sequence of work starting with the most critical business processes first

  • Provides a more accurate picture of the project progress by measuring the capability of the system to execute your end-to-end business processes.

  • Improved testing and training as processes can be mapped from system design, through to data setup and testing and training.

The value of taking a process-focused approach does not end with a better definition of requirements. It also results in faster delivery of working software as requirements and testing activities are more readily understood.

And by viewing the solution from the context of a business process, we reduce unnecessary customizations and reconfigurations, delivering a higher-quality solution faster.

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